Compress – Non Adherent Pad


Non-adherent, breathable, sterile pad dressings for first aid kits

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    2" - Box (4/Box)

    2" - Case (10 Boxes/Case)

    3" - Box (2/Box)

    3" - Case (10 Boxes/Case)

    4" - Bx (1/Box)

    4" - Case (10 Boxes/Case)


Non-adherent sterile pad dressings allows fluids and moisture to pass through the pad’s outer membrane into the absorbent pad.

The non-adherent membrane helps to promote wound healing and minimizes damage to fragile scabs upon removal. Will not pull on wound edges while applied or when the dressing is removed.

Use for dressing cuts, abrasions and burns. Each pad is supplied sterile-wrapped.

Available in a range of sizes.

Compress Unit.

This item comes packaged in standard size, unitized boxes, expressly for use in our first aid kits and cabinets.