Fingertip Bandages – Sterile


Flexible fabric bandages for fingertips and other difficult to bandage areas.

SKU: 0334-SP 0332-SP 0344-SP 0342-SP

    1-3/4"x2" - 40/Box [0334]

    1-3/4"x2" - 1000 Count [0332]

    1-3/4"x3" - X-Large 25/Box [0344]

    1-3/4"x3" - X-Large 1000 Count [0342]


Flexible, sterile, fabric bandages designed for use on fingertips, web of hand and rounded injured areas.

Flexible, specially shaped fabric bandages stay put longer on difficult to bandage locations.

For treatment of minor cuts, scrapes, burns, abrasions and puncture wounds.

Compare to Band-Aid® brand.