Fingertip/ Knuckle Bandage Combo Pack


Fingertip/Knuckle Bandage Combination packs boxed for first aid kits

SKU: 1625-SP 1625C-SP

    Box (5 fingertip + 5 knuckle/Box)

    Case (10 Boxes/Case)


Fingertip/Knuckle Bandage Combo Unit.

Each Box contains 5 Fingertip and 5 Knuckle bandages.

Sterile, flexible fabric adhesive bandages for treatment of minor cuts, scrapes, burns, abrasions and puncture wounds..

Knuckle bandages are designed to protect knuckles, elbows, knees, heals and joints, and other difficult-to-bandage areas.

Fingertip bandages are designed for use on fingertips, web of hand and rounded injured areas.

This item comes packaged in standard size, unitized boxes, expressly for use in our first aid kits and cabinets.