Poison Ivy – IvyX Towelettes Pre- and After-Contact


Individually wrapped towelettes for poison ivy and poison oak contact.

SKU: 1916-SP 1915-SP

    After Contact Towelettes 25/Box

    Pre-Contact Towelettes 25/Box


IvyX™ towelettes in convenient single-use packets.

Protect your employees with IvyX™ prevention and treatment formulas for both poison ivy and poison oak.

“Pre-contact” formula should be applied liberally before contact to protect against adverse reactions.

“Cleansing” formula should be used as soon as possible after contact to halt adverse effects and prevent the spreading of rashes.

Effective against:

  • Poison Ivy
  • Poison Oak
  • Poison Sumac

Convenient towelettes in individually wrapped packets are easily portable and provide protection whenever and wherever it is needed.