Metal Detectable Bandages


Metal detectable high visibility blue bandages

SKU: 0414-SP 0424-SP 0434-SP

    1"x3" Flexible Strip

    Knuckle Bandage 40/Box

    Fingertip Bandage 40/Box


Metal detectable high visibility blue bandages are designed to provide the highest degree of protection in the food industry and other workplaces where accidental lose of bandages is unacceptable.

Being both metal detectable and highly visible, these bandages provide a double layer of protection, detectable by both visual inspection and metal detectors.

These bandages meet health and safety requirements, and provide the highest level of protections for your business and customers.

Metal detectable blue fabric bandages are available in a variety of types: 1″ x 3″ strips; knuckle bandages; and fingertip design. Latex free.