Scissors for first aid and emergency use

SKU: 1510-SP 1511-SP 1512-SP 1514-SP 1515-SP

    Small Straight Kit Scissors

    Small Angled Kit Scissor

    Angled Lister Bandage Scissors 4 1/2"

    Angled Lister Bandage Scissors 5 1/2"

    EMT Utility Scissor 7"


Speedy First Aid carries a large selection of scissors chosen especially for first aid and emergency uses. A crucial item in any first aid kit.

  • 1510-SP: Straight kit scissors – stainless steel
  • 1511-SP: Angled small kit scissors (w/ plastic handle)
  • 1512-SP: Angled Lister bandage scissors – all stainless steel – 4 1/2″
  • 1514-SP: Angled Lister bandage scissors –¬†all stainless steel – 5 1/2″
  • 1515-SP: Angled large EMT utility scissors – 7″ (shown w/ black handle)