SAM & ActiSplint Flat Splint


Shape-able splints for stabilizing injured joints and bones

SKU: 2640-SP 2641-SP

    ActiSplint - 4 1/4" x 36" - each

    SAM Splint - 4 1/4" x 24" - each

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Soft, malleable splint strips designed to stabilize injured bones and joints.

Highly adaptable splints which become extremely strong when formed into a 3D shape.

In usage, more complex shapes yield more rigid protection. Forming the splint to cradle the limb, and curving it around the injured or nearest joint, provides high rigidity.

Splints can be easily cut to size to fit a variety of injuries.

  • 2460-SP – ActiSplint™ is a folded, breathable, malleable strip, sandwiched in foam for comfort, and packed flat. (latex free)
    Size: 4 .5″ x 36″.
  • 2461-SP – SAM® splint is a malleable aluminum strip, sandwiched in soft foam for comfort. Packaged with illustrated reference guide, the splint gains rigidity when formed into a 3D shape.
    Size: 4.5″ x 24″.