Water Jel – Burn Jel & Dressings


Emergency first aid for burn injuries

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    Burn Jel, Single Dose Packets, 6/Box

    Burn Jel, Single Dose Packets, 25/Box

    Water Jel 2"x6" Dressing

    Water Jel 4"x4" Dressing

    Water Jel 4"x16" Dressing

    Water Jel 12"x16" Facial Burn Dressing

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Water Jel® Burn Jel® for fast relief of minor burns, and Water Jel® Burn Dressings for emergency first aid for burn injuries.

Water Jel® Burn Jel® sterile, single-use packets:

  • external analgesic;
  • contains pain relieving lidocaine 2%;
  • fast pain relief;
  • cools and soothes.

Water Jel® sterile gel-soaked Burn Dressing:

  • stops the burning;
  • cools the burn and relieves pain;
  • helps prevent contamination;
  • non-adhesive dressing