Eye Wash – Two Treatments


Sterile isotonic buffered solution for cleaning the eyes and face, packaged for first aid kits

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    Box (2 Vials/Box)

    Case (10 Boxes/Case)

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Eye Wash is a sterile isotonic buffered solution used for washing and flushing the eyes. This eye wash / eye flush solution cleans and helps relieve irritation, clears foreign liquids and objects, and can help to quickly halt further damage when foreign materials enter the eye. Cleans like natural tears. 

Sold for use in emergency situations requiring prompt flushing of the eyes and face.

Each Unit Box contains 2 Vials (2/3 Oz. each).

This item comes packaged in standard size, unitized boxes, expressly for use in our first aid kits and cabinets.

(Also available in a range of larger sizes.)